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Feldenkrais Method for Somatic Education

Tune in and Tend to the Whole Movement of Life

Restore your natural state of curiosity through gentle movement explorations that nurture resiliency, rewire the brain and restore balance. Through body awareness, somatic education accesses the intelligence within enhancing personal choice and freedom to live your Life from a whole movement of learning.

Upcoming Somatic Lessons & Explorations

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Audio Programs

Awareness Through Movement Lessons

Streaming Live

Weekly Classes

On-Line Lessons

Personal Somatic Explorations

Livestream Classes

Join us for live-streaming Awareness through Movement lessons every Tuesday @ 9:30 a.m. These 40-50 minute lessons can provide somatic solutions for relieving pain, stress, injury and insomnia, while naturally enhancing the way you move through life. Through gentle movements this unique approach allows you to recognize ineffective, functional distortions and tension patterns, while organically releasing habits that no longer serve any purpose and may even be impeding your biological fitness. Upcoming offerings include Primary Connections, The Starfish Series and Sleep Better, Feel Better experientials for reducing stress and improving sleep. See our current classes here.

Audio Programs

Enjoy Awareness through Movement audio recordings from your favorite series of Feldenkrais lessons. Creating a downloaded library of lessons that follow innovative movement themes offers support and structure that can inspire your personal practice. Discover how using your feeling-sensing body can rewire your brain and body to move through life with greater ease and efficiency. Through clear audio guidance you are invited to explore newfound possibilities that enhance productivity, creativity and embody subtle dimensions of awareness that can naturally improve your Self organization and everything you love to do.

Personal Sessions

Inspire curiosity through somatic explorations that join with your organic intelligence to enhance balance and resiliency, while deepening the connections through your whole Self. By following your “Yes” Shivani creates a safe and supportive learning environment, offering a personalized session sourced from the Feldenkrais approach for Somatic Education. Individual Awareness through Movement lessons and Functional Integration sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and provide resources for your journey into wholeness. Each lesson highlights somatic learning through movement to develop awareness for essential Self-care so, you can move into Life with greater joy and ease. Inquire with Somatic Source to meet in person or schedule your Zoom session.

NeuroSoma Explorations

Deepen your daily Somatic Self-care through this guided 28-day experiential. Naturally awaken your sense of pleasure, while mapping your Self through Feldenkrais movement lessons using the power of Community, Ceremonial Cacao Adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs to optimize your sense of connection and flow-state. This program provides support and structure so you can gently open doors to neurogenesis to rewire your brain, integrate healing journeys and balance your nervous system, while also interrupting stress and tension patterns that contribute to addictions, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Experience how ancient traditions, modern neuroscience and Somatic resources can inspire transformative changes from within. Inquire with Somatic Source to join or form an online group.

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