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Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns except our belief that they are so.

Moshe Feldenkrais

Everything Eyes

Awareness through Movement Explorations
Tuesdays April-May 2021 9am
Please email us to receive the Zoom link if you are a new student.
Individual sessions and series are offered by donation.

You are invited to explore Awareness through Movement lessons that reveal the important role of our eyes. The eyes are our primary sense organs that receive external visual information for interpretation. In addition to seeing the eyes initiate movement, sustain balance and the upright carriage of our head, maintain orientation to our midline and the space around us.

This series of lessons highlights the unique way that the eyes are interrelated to movement and can reveal new neural connections, release old tensions and improve overall function. Each exploration offers an opportunity for you to refresh your eyesight, enhance your perception, refine your movements and change your perspective.

Feldenkrais lessons naturally provide a safe environment for you to recognize the benefits of moving to learn: awakening sensitivity and felt-sense awareness, improving function by reorganization in accordance with biomechanical laws, improving coordination and function of neuro-sensory motor systems, while discovering the joy of moving into life with greater ease and efficiency.

Student Donation

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