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Those who look outside dream. Those who look inside awaken.

Carl Jung

Neurosoma Awakening
with Tara & Jill ~ Sept 9, 16 & Oct 2 @ 4:30pm PST
with Tara & Namae ~ Oct 9, 16 & 30 @ 4:30pm PST

Enhance - Potentiate - Actualize

Awakening is the initial program created to naturally open doors to neurogenesis. NeuroSoma is an organic approach for rewiring you brain, balancing your nervous system, deepening relational intelligence and integrating plant spirit journeys. The program offers a 28-day exploration to inspire your daily Self-care through somatic practices and meditations, ceremonial cacao with adaptogenic mushrooms to optimize and potentiate connections.

Through this offering you are invited to Awaken your felt-sense awareness and map your Self with Feldenkrais lessons, a contemplative practice that is like a moving mediation that orients your awareness towards pleasure and potency. Wendy Sue will be sharing from her expansive heart, offering insightful contributions through the Akashic records, journaled writings and meditations, while supporting the actualization of our intentions. Other guides will offer their compassion and mastery with the group and love our intentions into reality.

Our NeuroSoma programs combine ancient traditions with modern neuroscience and Feldenkrais to unravel limiting habits and enhance unconditional love, health, resiliency and joy. Through this somatic exploration you can rewire your brain and re-organize vital neural pathways in a just a few weeks using the morning cacao ritual alongside awareness through movement lessons, empowering intentions and a supportive community. And you will have ongoing life-long access to the Somatic Source Awakening portal with recorded meditations, breathing experientials and awareness through movement lessons. 

The Feldenkrais approach unveils felt-sense awareness through slow, gentle movement sequences, gently exposing underlying tensions that contribute to functional distortions that can manifest physically, mentally, and emotionally. This unique exploration can gently support the dissolution of stressful habits, compulsive reactions and addictions. This approach will also inform you how you are breathing and moving, which directly influences how you are thinking and feeling.

Health is the ability to realize our avowed and unavowed dreams.

NeuroSoma Awakening program naturally offers a long-lasting means for moving through life with greater ease and efficiency, heart fluency and flow and has shown to be effective in relieving depression, anxiety, stress and PTSD, procrastination and so much more. The structure and support of Awakening creates a safe learning environment to potentiate your Self and naturally actualize your intentions.

This group exploration requires an invitation by a guide, organizer or friend and involves a 28-day commitment with 3 group zoom calls. It offers structure and support though, 4 consecutive mornings of ritual Cacao and Somatic Self-care utilizing the portal and 30- 40 minute Awareness through Movement lessons from Back to Basics and the Awakening series. A daily reflection sheet along with a Pre and Post questionnaire is included to track your progress. Additional support is available with your guides: Wendy Sue offers personal Akashic record counsel and Havening (a trauma release technique), Shivani offers Lifestyle and Nutritional guidance and sessions for Somatic Experiencing and Integration. Inquire with our other guides as they have wonderful offerings as well.

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If you are inspired by this program please consider donating towards deserving students who could benefit, including military veterans suffering from P.T.S.D.

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