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You and I are the force for transformation in the world. We are the consciousness that will define the nature of the reality we are moving into.

Ram Dass

Embodying Home
Love - Serve - Remember

Embodying Home is dedicated to seekers, leaders, learners. entrepreneurs and visionaries in service of this world. Each group has a compassionate guide who brings their unique approach to inspire an authentic transformation, naturally deepening relational intelligence and inviting balance throughout your life. The program is a 5 to 8 -week exploration inspired by the path of Yoga and other Heart Fluency Resources to potentiate your Love quotient. To enhance your awareness and connection to Self the experience is supported through Ceremonial cacao with Adaptogenic mushrooms and Somatic Self-care. This program includes ongoing life-long access to the Embodying Home portal with recorded Meditations, Inspiring Breath experientials and Awareness through Movement lessons.

You are invited to “Come Home to your Self” by building a bridge to Source through your internal senses. Discover how easily you can access your potential with clear guidance to establish or refine your morning practices. Embodying Home highlights a somatic approach to support change and transformation through incremental steps that inspire movement from innovative sequences to elicit your innate intelligence within. The lessons naturally create a safe learning environment that allows you to unfold organically through your Self and expand towards newfound horizons.

Gentle guidance inspires new dimensions of learning that can support re-wiring through your brain and nervous system for long-lasting resources for moving into life. The methods shared naturally create a greater connection to peace, health, ease and flow. Discover how easily you can optimize organization through your body and nervous system and restore healthy neural networks in your brain. Connect to your Self through the nourishing elements from a morning of Somatic Self-care that includes Ceremonial Cacao, Meditation, Feldenkrais and the essential catalysts of Intention and Community.

NeuroSoma interweaves the ancient rituals of ceremonial cacao with modern neuroscience illuminating the efficacy of medicinal mushrooms with somatic practices. Through this process you can unveil new possibilities for moving through life, while gently releasing old tensions, traumas and habit patterns. Many have discovered that this process naturally enhances Self-care and connection, creative potential and productivity while interrupting stressful habit patterns that contribute to anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions and dis-ease.

I can do nothing for you but work on myself. You can do nothing for me but work on yourself.

Ram Dass

This group exploration requires an invitation by a guide, organizer or friend and involves a 5 to 8 week commitment with zoom calls or in person meetings. It offers structure and support through 4 consecutive mornings of Cacao rituals with Somatic Self-care utilizing short Mediations and 30-40- minute Awareness through Movement lessons from Back to Basics, Awakening your Dynamic Body and the Starfish series. A daily reflection sheet along with a Pre and Post questionnaire is included to track your progress. Your guide is available for personal sessions if additional support is needed along the way.

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