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Audio Programs
Audio programs provide an immediate learning experience and opportunity to grow using somatic awareness to enhance your life skills. Through basic movement patterns you can discover the functional benefits of slowing down and tending to your whole Self. Enjoy returning to each lesson again to discover newfound possibilities and subtle dimensions that naturally improve your Self organization. More info

Upcoming Explorations
You are invited to join the movement through online lessons and ongoing series and programs. Explore the basic elements of movement while cultivating awareness of the subtle dimensions within. Experience exceptional benefits from the Feldenkrais approach of Somatic education that can potentiate your ease of movement, overall organization and well-being.  More info

NeuroSoma Awakening Program
Enhance – Potentiate – Actualize
NeuroSoma combines ancient traditions with modern neuroscience and somatic practices to unravel limiting habit patterns and reveal your unconditional resilience and joy. Through this 21 day NeuroSoma exploration you can rewire your brain and re-organize vital neural pathways through movement and awareness, while enhancing inner connectedness and your natural experience of wholeness. Requires an invitation from an organizer or guide. Inquire if interested in joining or forming and existing group. More info

Personal Sessions
The Feldenkrais method is a somatic approach that focuses on creating the conditions for learning through gentle movements and awareness. The lessons are designed for you to learn through your own experience, while naturally awakening curiosity and attunement to your whole Self.

Somatic guidance creates the conditions for you to cultivate resources that improve your connection through orientation to your Self and your environment. As a somatic guide, I offer a safe space for you to experience a unique movement inquiry that deepens your awareness and offers somatic resources to support daily Self-care.

This innovative approach is frequently used to support resiliency and resourceful living, improve creativity and performance, naturally balance the nervous system and support recovery from injury and neurological challenges.

Verbally guided Awareness through Movement® lessons and hands-on Functional Integration® sessions provide the two learning environments for this movement based learning method. The results bring about an inherent re-education throughout your neuromuscular system that can enhance your health, vitality and the quality of lightness and ease in the way you move through life. More Info

Awareness Through Movement
Awareness through Movement lessons are can be experienced in a group setting or as individual sessions, tailoring the lesson to meet your personal needs and support your daily somatic practice. This approach is designed for you to learn from your own experience by tuning in and tending through your senses and whole Self.

Awareness through Movement lessons are composed of a series of physical movements that create immediate improvements in personal awareness, posture, balance, vision and flexibility. In a pleasurable learning environment, I will create the conditions through intuitive sensing and verbal guidance for you to naturally transform underlying patterns that can contribute to physical and emotional pain and limitation.

This approach provides an opportunity for you to discover movement with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. This experience of reawakening connections within occurs not through muscular strength, but through increased awareness of sensing how skilled movement feels in you.

Functional Integration
Functional Integration lessons create a bridge to the here and now through your senses and orientation and are naturally integrated and not separate from the rest of your life. Through passive movement and directed touch this hands-on approach uses your body as the instrument to explore your personal potential. Learning and change are achieved through subtle skilled guidance that supports the brains ability to self-organize towards more effective and intelligent action.

This gentle approach is recognized for its versatility to meet a wide range of needs, enrich the quality of movement and naturally bring balance to your entire system. Sessions naturally diminish the affects from disconnection and residual conditions that can get tangled in the nervous system. While the combined approach of both modalities enhances the benefits and can quietly diminish reactionary habits that no longer serve, eliciting a sense of authenticity and delight in being your Self.

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