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Without learning to know ourselves as intimately as we possibly can we limit our choices.

Moshe Feldenkrais

Personal Sessions

The Feldenkrais method is a somatic approach that focuses on creating the conditions for learning through gentle movements and awareness. The lessons are designed for you to learn through your own experience, while naturally awakening curiosity and attunement to your whole Self.

Somatic guidance creates the conditions for you to cultivate resources that improve your connection through orientation to your Self and your environment. As a somatic guide, I offer a safe space for you to experience a unique movement inquiry that deepens your awareness and offers somatic resources to support daily Self-care.

This innovative approach is frequently used to support resiliency and resourceful living, improve creativity and performance, naturally balance the nervous system and support recovery from injury and neurological challenges.

Verbally guided Awareness through Movement® lessons and hands-on Functional Integration® sessions provide the two learning enironments for this movement based learning method. The results bring about an inherent re-education throughout your neuromuscular system that can enhance your health, vitality and the quality of lightness and ease in the way you move through life.

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