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Awakening Your Dynamic Body


10 seated lessons based on the Feldenkrais Method. These 25-30 minute sessions naturally reduce stress, strain and anxiety.Each lesson features embodied breathing techniques and simple movements that can be used throughout your day to diminish stress and anxiety, support balance and resiliency, naturally improving overall performance and sleep. This series offers innovative solutions for sitting comfortably to reduce effort and interrupt habitual patterns that can perpetuate discomfort. A great introduction for beginners to Somatic Awareness and perfect for anyone who spends hours seated at a computer. See below for lesson titles.




  1. Taking Your Seat
  2. Exploring Internal Spaces
  3. Orientation to Space
  4. Softening Your Gaze
  5. Awareness of Midline
  6. Turning From Your Center
  7. Resiliency Through Your Pelvis
  8. Rewiring Habit Patterns through Arms
  9. Breath, Balance & Proprioception
  10. Restoring Connection Through Rythmicity
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